Diary of a Fan Girl (afangirlsdiary) wrote,
Diary of a Fan Girl

HAPPY 2007!!!!!!!!

hope everyone had a good Xmas and Happy New Year :D

I havent posted in FOREVER..gonna try to remedy that now lol

seeing "Rent" on stage in 3 weeks!!

finally getting to see Hayden on screen again in not 1..not 2..but THREE new movies!!

The final book in the Harry Potter series

GeekFestCelebration 4!!!!

making Florida my second home this year...Shuttle launch, Bull Run..and hopefully meeting up with hskinn to get into some trouble *and watch Hayden have The Sexx on screen!*

hang out with mythicdove , maybe meet lastvisablerat, and visit sexahlilthing in toronto :D

Here's to a wonderful year! :D

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