Diary of a Fan Girl (afangirlsdiary) wrote,
Diary of a Fan Girl

I'm alive!!

yes.. I know its been forever since I posted.. life threw a couple big curve balls and things are getting settled again...

The company I worked for decided to close our office down due to "needs of the business" (i.e we sent your jobs to Pakistan where people will do them for 2.00 and hour) and gave us 60 days notice. Was a lot of back and forthing.. trying to decide if I wanted to take some time off *as i was getting a pretty decent severnce package* or have something lined up right away. After a few weeks of this decided I would be better off finding something to go right into....would be nice to have some extra cash for things. did the monster.com thing..went to a couple job fairs..put in some applications.. and ended up getting hired as internet tech support rep (with real good chance of higher position in the short future* for a cable company. Its pretty cool so far..just a couple of down sides *longer commute to work..EARLY hours (i leave my house by a little after 5 am)* and some of the training is a bit..redundant..but I am enjoying myself. There is also a pretty sweet guy that has taken a bit of a liking too me so we will see where that goes :D

oh.. the punch line? The day I accepted this job.. i went back to work at my previous one and had an email sitting there asking if I would stay on an extra 60 days....

yeah..Big Business.. gotta love it..

In funner happenings.. I made it out to LA for C4. Was a BLAST!! Cant wait till C5..will soo be there!!

In line for opening ceremonies

opening ceremonies

ready for some fun!

at the SW Marathon.. all 6 movies..back to back.. in Hi Def/Lucas THX approved surround with a hall full of die hards.. YEEAA BABY!!!

getting my tattoo.....I'm officially the bad girl of the family now ya'll heh

I have actually found a couple new fandoms...and before you all think I have gone all goth on you its actually not what it appears like heh..

first is the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. AWESOME AWSOME books.. I have read Twilight at least a dozen times now *not counting when I just flip to my favorite parts of it heh* For those that dont know..its about a girl, Bella and her boyfriend Edward who is smart,sweet, sexy,..and just happens to be a 100 year old vampire *which kinda increases the sexy factor by.. infinity* Right now there are two books.. Twilight and New Moon.. the third in the series comes out August 7th..not soon enough!!

Then we have Blood Ties..or..more specifically , Henry..

*wipes drool from keybord*

This is my new favorite show. It has a kick ass heroine (Vicki) and the sexiest thing walking on two feet in TO *when Hayden isnt there of course;)* Henry Fitzroy....graphic novelist, totally hot for Vicki, ..and oh yea.. almost 500 year old Vampire (he is actually Henry, Duke of Richmond,son of Henry VIII) who *unlike Edward who doesn't feed on humans* feeds regularly and makes sure the..uh..main course.. enjoys it just as much as he does.. The show is actually really good.. lots of witty fun dialog ..major steamage between Vicks and Henry (though she wont give int o him..silly woman)..and cool monsters and demons and goodies every week for them to fight. Is on lifetime...a new "season" starts in Oct and hopefully alot more after that!

and finally.. Big Brother starts Thursday.. YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

*hugs to the f list*

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